imp . & EXP . Trade 
Responding to the national strategy of ‘One Belt, One Road’ to accelerate
the pace of development of “going out and bring in.

Fujian Yifa Import& Export Trading Co., Ltd., is a new link to maintain cooperation between the company and the countries of the world. The company actively responds to the national strategy of “The Belt and Road”, accelerates the development pace of “going out and introducing”, and is committed to building a global and strategic sales network, forming friendly and cooperative relations with upstream and downstream partners of the global industrial chain and expanding continuously through the world's well-known exhibitions, international e-commerce platform.

Imp . & Exp . Trade

The business purpose of Fujian Yifa Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
is "openness, innovation, and win-win "The enterprise attended the world famous exhibition to offer service for seven continents,
our hot-selling products cover hygiene products, healthcare products, and so on .

import of raw materials

Selected world top 500 raw material suppliers

Hot air three-dimensional surface layer-China Fengge

Highly absorbable resin-Sumitomo, Japan; Dansen Technology; Japan’s Sanya

Composite breathable membrane-Korea LARK

Hydrophilic adhesive-Henkel

Natural pure water-Australian volcanic spring water

S-type waist stickers-American Avory Dennison

Elastic clastic spandex yarn-Hyosung, Korea

US cotton certified spunlace cotton non-woven fabric-industry leader Xinlong Holdings

Highly absorbable resin-Danson Technology, the largest SAP producer in the country to Asia

export of products

“New YIFA Group’s self-owned brand products are exported to 55 countries and regions around the world. Among them,

“PALMBABY” is based in Russia, becoming the first Chinese health care product brand to sell well in Russia.

Global partner
We formed friendly cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in the global industry chain, and we strived to build a strategic global sales network.
To make customers enjoy better products and services, we are realizing the goal of resource sharing and mutual benefit.